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Boy In White Jersey With Basketball Custom Figure Bobbleheads

$0.00 USD $108.00 USD
15cm(about 6inch)
18cm(about 7inch)+$10
②Head Connection
Stationary Head
Bobble Head+$10
Custom boy in white jersey with basketball bobbleheads at Figure Bobblehead. 

100% custom bobblehead according to the photo you provide & Free face proof provided & amazing likeness & good after-service.

Our craftsman will personalize the bobblehead according to the photo you provide. After customing the face, our service will send youthe free face proof with email to confirm. If you need modify, our craftsman will modify it untile you are satisfied.

Note: Long hair will have a affect on head shaking.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with email sale@figurebobblehead.com.